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Wendy Matthews Counsellor

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I offer an alternative approach to traditional talk therapy and counselling. If you’re interested in trying something new that will get to the root cause of your suffering contact me for a consultation

Wendy has an L.LB in Law and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She was in the legal profession from 1994 practicing Law. In 2008 she trained as a LEADR Mediator and incorporated this in to her work, and practiced as a Barrister sole until 2013.

When she was in her early 40’s, a deeply painful personal experience resulted in a profound spiritual transformation virtually dissolving her old identity and radically changing the course of her life. She progressed beyond her interest in her profession and turned away from the Law, Western Philosophy and materialism. The next few years were devoted to understanding, integrating, and deepening that transformation, which marked the beginning of an intense journey inwards.

During those years Wendy spent a great deal of her time in Northern India. She studied yoga, spirituality, conscious awareness, Eastern Philosophy, and Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy, in India, Nepal and New Zealand. Her interest in yoga allowed her the opportunity of studying in India and she qualified as a yoga teacher. In 2012 Wendy also discovered Vipassana Meditation and undertook her first 10-day silent retreat.

In 2013 as a result of her keen interest in Eastern Philosophy, spirituality, mysticism and the workings of human consciousness, Wendy began studying counselling with the Institute of Psychosynthesis New Zealand.

Wendy now practices as a Therapist, Counsellor and Self Awareness Facilitator.

Wendy’s interest in present moment awareness resulted in her introduction to Dr Graham Mead. Both Graham and Wendy offer a grounded, authentic approach to regaining an intuitive sense of who we are and ending the outer search for inner peace.  Stillness, Breathwork, movement and various forms of tactile, visual and proprioceptive interactions are used as entry points through which to realise timeless awareness and explore our sense of consciousness. Since 2012 Wendy has worked closely with Dr Mead both one on one and in small groups.

Simultaneously, Wendy was introduced to the Presence Process, an inner journey of awareness and book written by Michael Brown. Michael’s work also had a profound influence in her life and the Breathwork practice was transformative. Wendy draws much of her inspiration for her current practice from this work.

During her first visit to India Wendy was exposed to several teacher's and she met Sri Prem Baba the man who would later become her spiritual teacher. She credits Graham Mead, Prem Baba and Michael Brown with pointing her inwards via breathwork, self observation, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and inner awareness through relationship, and feels it is because of the direction and guidance of these three, alongside Vipassana meditation that she was able to totally transform the life of egotism, materialism and ignorance she had been leading.

Wendy currently divides her time between New Zealand and India where she practices as a Therapist, Counsellor and Self Awareness & Mindfulness Facilitator in Auckland. Her practice focuses on facilitating people out of the 'intellectual mind', thought and analysis and in to their emotional body and innate intelligence via Breathwork, self-observation, mindfulness and awareness of sensation, and other practices, where they can remember how to really feel their feelings, really see themselves, get to the causal point of their discomfort and begin to move out of suffering and into peace and harmony.

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