We Learn to Accept What is

If you're here that probably means you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life. You might be dealing with depression or anxiety. Your heart might be broken. You just might have this sense that there is more you want for your life but it's just not happening. You might find yourself in the same patterns even with all of the therapy and various healing modalities you've already done.

I've been in all of these places and am here to help you release old beliefs and energy keeping you stuck, connect you to your purpose, and learn how to heal from your most painful experiences.

We've developed numerous ways to hide from our emotions and many people are recognising that what they've been doing isn't working, and it's time to try something else. Breathwork, Mindfulness and a practice of self-observation are the quickest way I know to quiet the mind, connect to the soul and transform lives. Together we will explore various exercises that can be used to expand the faculty of concentration and to help develop an awareness of the mind as sensation (in the body) and how this relates to finding inner balance. Most importantly we will explore how our relationships function as a direct reflection and guide for our discovery.

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My Approach

Talk Therapy isn’t the only way

Traditional therapeutic methods can fall short when they rely solely on “talking about” trauma. Words can only provide part of the overall picture, the body tells the rest of the story. My approach goes beyond straightforward talk therapy. My practice is strongly informed by mindfulness and body interventions that ground you in the present moment and encourage you to pay attention to your bodily sensations, feelings, and beliefs to support the important process of healing and self-discovery. You can discover for yourself how integrating the innate wisdom of the body significantly affects healing from and kind of trauma.

My goal is to support people as they journey inward to release pain, open their hearts, and create a life where they experience joy. I work with people with a variety of conditions, depression, anxiety, stress, grief, relationship difficulties and those with the more spiritual and existential dilemmas. In a sense there is no "typical" session. We simply begin the process of deep self-inquiry and be prepared to immerse ourselves in whatever arises in our experience and embrace it. Much of the work I do focuses on using Breathwork to release pain and limitations combined with intuitive mentoring to process healing. I encourage a sense of curiosity and discovery, as at the core of recovery is self-awareness. The practice involves private one on one sessions much the same as conventional therapy and counselling although the process is different. I also offer counselling sessions which might incorporate a range of tools online and small group session work.

Sessions are body centred and might focus on the breath but can include elements of talk therapy, other breathing exercises, gentle movement and observation of sensations amongst other things and I will guide participants through various therapeutic breathing techniques if that is required. One outcome might be an insight into what is causing suffering, a greater sense of self-awareness, an increased capacity for self-healing, and overall improvement in mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, gaining a sense of self-love, a new clarity of purpose, a shift from victimhood to empowerment. Whatever a session might involve, it is here we can initiate the process of self discovery that can free us from searching outside of ourselves for inner peace. 

With continued practice, Breathwork, Mindfulness and a practice of self-observation can change your life. I say this because it has changed my life in ways I never thought possible. I've seen it change the lives of those I work with. 

I promise to provide a safe, collaborative, and non-judgmental environment for you to express yourself and feel understood. No matter what you’re going through, whether depression, anxiety, or maybe a challenging life event, there is support available. Together we will examine your inner emotional resources, search for unhealed emotional wounds, and expose long-held beliefs that limit your potential.

Breathwork Mindfulness Counselling

Why Counselling

Using Breathwork, Mindfulness and Self-Observation?

Reasons We Might Consider the Practice of Breathwork, Mindfulness & Self Observation

  • We are curious about Inner Work and Self Awareness

  • We are aware we experience negative repetitive patterns and we are going around and around in circles

  • Our life experience is uncomfortable and even painful and we suspect nobody can relieve our discomfort but us

  • The prospect of activating Conscious Awareness fascinates us

  • We have begun to understand there must be more to life and want to explore further

  • We seek authenticity

  • We've heard about Breathwork and are interested in finding out more

  • We find ourself constantly listening to our thoughts

  • We feel depressed, anxious, miserable, irritable, sad, angry, experience mood swings or any extreme emotions

Perhaps one of the main challenges is the impulse to keep doing things. The ego always wants to do something, but there comes a time when there is nothing else that can be done. One simply needs to stop and quiet down, which will enhance one’s perception of the truth
— Sri Prem Baba
  • We have an increasing interest in exploring the potential of ourselves and humanity

  • Emotional, psychological or physical symptoms are unbalancing the quality of our life experience

  • We have tried conventional talk therapy healing modalities in the past and found only temporary relief

  • We are ready to get to the root cause of our suffering

  • We want to develop a Mindfulness Practice

  • We feel ready to be seen and challenged

  • We are interested in exploring ourselves

  • We are not at ease in our emotions